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Management and Leadership

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Essay title: Management and Leadership

Management and Leadership

Leader v. Manager

The difference between leadership and management is very distinctive with complementary systems of achievement. Both have it's own function and unique characteristics. Given the fact that leadership involves the influence by one person over the activity of others, the quality of leadership exhibited by an individual in a supervisor roll is a critical element of success of an organization. Together these components are necessary for the success in a progressively complex and unpredictable business atmosphere. Strong leadership with weak management is worse, than weak leadership and strong management. The key is two harness the two and combine strong leadership and strong management to create a harmonic balance with both.

There are subtle differences between Managers and Leaders. Successful accountability for the task at hand. These goals can be for the undertaking as a whole (i.e., what constitutes completion and success of the project, when it should be finished, what actions need to be taken upon completion,

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