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Management of National Health Care Services

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Essay title: Management of National Health Care Services

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01 June 2006

Management of National Health Care Services

In order for the National Health Care program to function appropriately it has to be managed effectively and with precision. Some would claim that the reason there are some ethical problems with it now is due to a lack of understanding of different ethnicities and other citizens with opposite international beliefs. Although there are project stakeholders involved with trying to bring an easier method of health care to those who have disabilities or communication problems there are still negative impacts associated with them. When people are constantly coming and going from a country and immigrants are entering into it rather abundantly of course there are going to be some problems with the health care service, especially with proper communication issues.

The main reason this author is so very passionate about the topic of health care and especially the management of it is because there is awareness that there is possible inequality existing in it today. Many citizens in England and the UK feel that they are not being treated as fairly as others are, even though the health care policy is of a Universal semblance. This is perceived by this author as due to the mismanagement of services and a diverse amount of misunderstandings among the citizens and the managing personnel of health care services. If the National Health Care Service would be willing to make some transformations with regards to assisting other ethnicities in communication and health care awareness more fluidly then perhaps there would not be feelings of discrimination or inefficiency in the health care system that abound currently. This has been an ongoing problem for quite some time but there is another point of view to this from medical personnel who work within the structure of the health care system. In fact, medical personnel say that if the rural communities surrounding England would be willing to come together as a unity then they could assist each other in better understanding the health care within England and the surrounding UK. In fact medical staff members say this type of initiative is necessary to allow for other ethnic groups to see that they are simply miss-assuming the rules and the main medical structure of the system due to improper community unity. If a strong and direct project could be facilitated that

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