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Managing Business Information Systems

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Essay title: Managing Business Information Systems

Final Project

Managing Business Information Systems

The Need for Network Security

By: Jose L. Rodriguez

The Need for Network Security

The primary objective with this paper deals with how network security systems protect, detect, adapt, recover and/or reconfigured from anomalies in order to provide some desired level of security services. This paper is a strategy for the development of a general security mechanism/countermeasure valuation scheme. The general objective addresses the question, “Given the value of information to be protected and the threat environment, how strong and assured should security mechanism(s) be to provide desired security services(s)?” [DEL98]

Company information is as valuable a company asset as money in the bank. In fact, some information can be even more valuable than cash, so protecting the company’s information with appropriate security is critical to business success. The network and data security measures you put in place for your business, from a firewall to a data backup system, are physical manifestations of business rules. You make business decisions about how important your computer network and the data it holds are to your business, and as well as how you want to protect it. Data security systems are the direct result of those business decisions.

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