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Managing Effective Teams

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Essay title: Managing Effective Teams

Part of being a manager for a company is the managing of teams. These teams can be put together for many different reasons and can have just as many different goals set in front of them. The company wants managers that are capable of putting together a good team that can effectively fulfill the goals set out for them. The four different types of work teams found in organizations are: problem-solving, self-managed, cross-functional, and virtual. By completing the simulation assigned for this course I will be mainly using a cross-functional work team as basis for my analysis of effective team management.

There are four contextual factors that can make an effective team. These factors are context, composition, work design and process. Within these factors are components that a manager can utilize to make sure that his team is effective. The components also help a manager better understand his team and how he can help them reach their goals when they get off-track (Robbins, 2005, p278).

"'In general, there must be a very clear sense of what the team is trying to accomplish

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