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Managing International Acquisitions

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Essay title: Managing International Acquisitions

Managing International Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are attempts from companies to combine their strengths in order to achieve synergistic benefits. The reasons behind a merger or acquisition may be various, e.g. increasing market share, entering new markets, developing new products through R&D, or achieving administrative benefits.

In a merger, two companies combine to form a new company. In an acquisition, one company takes over the other in terms of management or ownership. Mergers and acquisitions can create economies of scale, reducing costs of similar functions. Cost per unit of output can also reduce, with increased output bringing down the cost per unit produced. Investors are happy with the notion that the merger or acquisition will give the company added strength and benefits. In contrast, when a merger or acquisition does not work, management can choose to de-merge or dis-invest ownership in acquired companies, spinning them off to retain its inherent strengths.

Acquisition planning is accomplished to obtain quality products in a timely manner at a reasonable price. Depending upon the anticipated dollar value and product complexity, acquisition plans and strategies will address acquisition requirements, funding, make or buy decisions, scheduling, key program/procurement personnel, market research, public notifications, competition, socioeconomic considerations, source selection, award, delivery, and possible follow-on subcontracts. Acquisition planning is designed to accomplish the following objectives:

• Promote competition and minimize single-source acquisitions

• Obtain goods and services in a timely manner

• Give consideration to government sources of supply

• Develop clear specifications and basis for award

• Foster socioeconomic participation

• Receive more favorable prices through consolidation of requirements

• Reduce inventory levels (

First South Pacific Bank (FSPB), based in Honolulu, Hawaii is one the world’s largest bank with over $400 billion in assets. FSPB has successful operations in the Americas and Europe, but wishes to expand into the Asian market. The country of Kitanesia has a large middle-class population, with a growing economy, which

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