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Marie Antoinette

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Essay title: Marie Antoinette


Marie-Antoinette was born in Vienna on November 2, 1755; she was one of the daughters of Holy Roman Emperor Francis I and Empress Maria Therese. She later came to wed Louis XVI of France, at the age of 15, in 1770, because her mother wanted to solidify the new alliance with France. They had three children together a daughter and two sons by 1774. In the same year king Louis XV passed away and her husband had taken over the throne. She was not liked by the French public because she was a foreigner and even more so because she was devoted the interests of Austria. She led a very extravagant life, where she would join her friends in the nightlife of France, being that she was young she wasn't interested in the duties of queen. When France began to have financial problems the public blamed her because she was lived frivolously and didn't seem to care about the country's deficit. After the outbreak of the revolution in 1789, she sided with the court that opposed compromise with the revolutionaries.

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