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Marketing Assignment's Kudler Fine Foods

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Essay title: Marketing Assignment's Kudler Fine Foods

Running head: Marketing Assignment – Kudler Fine Foods

Marketing Assignment – Kudler Fine Foods

Marketing Assignment – Kudler Fine Foods

It is every business’ dream to increase their profitability through the expansion of their products or services. The growth of a business is a sure sign of a business’ success. Kudler Fine Foods, a specialty food store, is interested in expanding the services available at its stores. It currently offers in-store parties and cooking classes. Kudler would like to expand, by offering catering services as well. As with all business decisions that are made, there are certain areas of the business that must be analyzed and steps taken in order to assure the decisions will be productive. The following paper will look at the marketing research performed by Kudler Fine Foods. The opportunities that Kudler has in its marketing mix will be discussed.

When making marketing decisions, there are four categories in which these decisions would usually be placed under. These four categories are: product, price, place, and promotion. “The term �product’ refers to tangible, physical products as well as services.”( Kudler Fine Foods has several existing products it offers its customers and its strategic sales plan includes adding a catering service to its company. Kudler presently offers organic produce from local growers. It also provides customers with in-store cooking classes and home cooking classes are available for a premium price. Kudler will need to base the organic produce available for their catering service on the produce provided by their local organic growers. Memorable advertising and a highly attractive menu will be part of Kudler’s marketing strategy to inform customers about their new catering service. Creativity of the food choices on the menu is a very good idea. The price of Kudler Fine Foods’ catering service will more than likely be slightly higher than other catering services in the area. This is expected due to the organic produce provided to their customers. Sales strategies, such as the Frequent Shopper Program, will be used as an incentive to their customers. Upscale gifts and specialty foods are some of the items a customer participating in the Frequent Shopper Program can receive. Due to the higher pricing of their catering

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