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Marketing Plan Hair Oil

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Essay title: Marketing Plan Hair Oil





1) How did the agency get the account?

„« Ogilvy and Mather (O & M) have been handling the Dabur account for the past many years and for various Dabur products. Thus, they got the account for this ad campaign as a matter of practice. Also, the clients were more than satisfied with O& MЎ¦s reputation and their work standards.

2) How long has been the relationship with the client?

„« The relationship with Dabur has been for the past 5 years.

3) How long will this campaign last / did last?

„« The Karishma Kapoor Dabur Amla campaign started in June 2001 and ended in March 2003.

4) Agency (personnel) level at which the campaign was handled?

„« All the levels were equally involved in the campaign. The creative department, media department, production department, client-servicing department - all worked in co-ordination with each other.

5) Is the agency responsible for activities in addition to advertising?

„« In addition to advertising, the agency also does various other activities like production, media planning, updating the client with latest information on changing trends; all of which are essential for advertising.

6) Did you get a written / oral brief?

„« An oral brief was given but generally, everything was discussed and decided in co- ordination with the agency members. No written brief was given.


1) Does the customer consider it high / low involvement?

„« For heavy users, for women, especially those who are concerned about the health and beauty of their hair (as most women are) ЎV it is a high involvement product.

2) Does he feel about it / think about it, or both?

„« For those, it is high involvement - they obviously feel / think about the product before going for purchase decision as they would not like to buy something which harms their hair.

3) Is the product of high / average / dull interest to the customer?

„« The product is of high interest to especially women. For men, it is generally low interest product.

4) Is the product an impulse / convenience shopping / specialty purchase?

„« This product is a routine purchase for regular users.

5) Is it brought regularly / infrequently?

„« It is brought regularly; as soon as it is about to be finished, the consumer goes for a repurchase.

6) How does the product compare with competitive products:

i. Is the brand significantly differentiated?

„« The brand is significantly differentiated as it has Amla, and it also uses a celebrity for attraction power.

ii. If not, is it as good or inferior to the competitive product?

„« Since the brand is significantly differentiated, it is actually considered as better than its competitive products.

iii. Closest substitutes for this kind of product?

„« Closest Substitutes :

Brahmi Amla

Shanti Amla

7) Main attributes / specifications of the product?

„« Amla ( BenefitsЎXlong, shiny, healthy hair)

8) Benefits to the customer?

„« Necessary : Shiny and Healthy hair

„« Usable as USP : Amla

9) Does

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