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Marketing Plan - Russia

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Essay title: Marketing Plan - Russia


In modern Russia marketing only just begins to be developed. Conducting strategic investment policy and strategic marketing is hindered because of the general unsteady state of the economy, uncertainty of political situation, not realizing of sequential state investment policy. In connection with this it is necessary to develop more than the alternatives of the strategic plans of the development of firm, to more frequently correct purposes and strategies depending on new situation. But even now it understands the majority of leaders, that the success of enterprise in many respects depends on effective management, making of optimum decisions, market exploration, and selection of personnel. And all this in full or in part enters into the subject area of marketing.

Marketing requires as the concept of control (philosophy of business) that the company would consider consumption as the "democratic" process, with which the users have the right "to vote" for the necessary to them product with their money. This determines the success of company and makes it possible to optimally satisfy the need of user. Therefore this theme is urgent and requires special study and attention.

Basic purpose: the study of marketing as the concepts of market control.

Basic tasks:

• Development of the special features of the process of the evolution of the concept of marketing

• Determination of the role of information system for the support of making administrative decisions

• Characteristic of the organization of the structure of control of marketing

• Analysis of effectiveness in control of marketing of enterprise and ways of its increase

1.1 concepts of marketingovoy activity

Control of marketing, actually reflects the basic functions of the management:

planning, organization, motivation and control, which are directed toward the realization of the following purposes: establishment, strengthening and the maintenance of advantageous exchanges with the purposeful buyers for reaching of the tasks of organization, such, as obtaining profit, an increase in the volume of sale an increase in the market share, etc.

Are separated five basic concepts, on base of which the commercial organizations achieve the marketingovuyu activity:

the improvement of production;

commodity; marketable;


social- ethical.

Let us examine the enumerated concepts.

1. Production concept (or the concept of the improvement of production). According to this concept the user is oriented in the accessible for himself goods, which have low price. Enterprises, which adhere to this concept, have predominantly series or large-scale production with the high efficiency and the low prime cost, and sale of the goods produced by them is produced with the aid of the numerous commercial enterprises. To the basic prerequisites of existence of this concept can be attributed the following: a) the large part of the real and potential users have low incomes; b) demand is equal or a little exceeds proposal; c) occurs a rapid decrease in the region of labor and production expenditures (usually on the new production), which leads to the achievement of larger market share.

The efforts of enterprises, the following of this concept, must be aimed at the improvement of process, and consequently, to reduction in the expenses, an increase in the productivity of labor and production efficiency.

Those producers, who are clearly oriented to the branch with good prospects for increase, adhere to of production concept; they have low diversification and act under the conditions of minimum political and social control.

2. Commodity (product) concept either concept of qualitative product or the concept of the improvement of goods

The basic idea of this concept consists into the orientation of users to those goods or the services, which on technical characteristic and operating characteristics exceed analogs and thus bring to users the large gaines. Producers in this case direct efforts to an improvement in the quality of their goods, in spite of the disadvantage costs and, consequently, also price. The factors, which support existence of this concept of marketing, include the following: a) society

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