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Marketing Strategy

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Essay title: Marketing Strategy

Weight? I’m on Atkins

Target market: people who want to lose weight

Positioning of Atkins: offers a motto what target consumers desire for losing weight. He says” By reducing carbohydrates, our body begins to burn fats and eventually you begin to lose weight”.

Atkins’ competition in this market is between some businesses that also encourage different strategies for losing weight such as diet pill and prescription sellers.

In this case study, there were also some statistics about how some businesses badly affected from Atkins’ diet. Some examples are fast-food restaurants, bread/pasta makers, Unilever’s SlimFast.

Suppose that Atkins want to expand its market by selling more books that stimulates the diet overseas; by the time he is searching for new markets to increase his revenue .In this specific business idea, he should use Market Development( existing product; new market)

 As it was declared in marketing , every business should define its objectives and marketing strategies in order to sell its product and take benefit from it. In this case study, we could easily see target customers and how to attract them.

In the very last part of the text, it was said that there is a strong relationship between education and obesity. In other words, higher income people are tend to look after themselves much better, expanding their lifespan where as people with lower income are not.

So it can be derived that there should be a marketing process that Atkins’ new business idea would continue: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning.

Assume that Atkins’

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