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Marzono Assignment

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Essay title: Marzono Assignment

Names have been changed for confidentiality purposes

Marzano Assignment

Providing Feedback

Student One: Imani

Type of Feedback: Criterion-Referenced

Imani is a strong student that excels in most academic areas. During instruction, she followed the lessons well and her assignments reflected and confirmed her knowledge of the content. I decided to include Imani in my Marzano Assignment because I wanted to compare how feedback affected both lower and higher level students.

Immediately following the post test, I scored Imani’s test only to find that she did not miss any selected or constructed response questions. However, she did leave out her explanation portion of the performance task. As previously stated, Imani is strong in most areas but I have noticed that she sometimes struggles with explaining and proving her answers. I was eager to provide her with feedback to see if I could help her improve. I sat down with Imani soon after she had completed the test and I explained to her that I wanted her to see how I was grading the performance task. Next, I showed her the rubric that was used and let her know where she fell in each criteria rating. I then told her to read the cell that dealt with the explanation portion of the performance task. She quickly realized that she had failed to explain her answer in a way that made sense. I asked her what she could do differently and she replied that she could fully answer all parts of the question instead of just the first part. I then released her to complete this question again. After scoring the question again, Imani received full credit because her explanation was detailed and correct. I could definitely tell that she understood the specific level of knowledge that I was looking for after reading the rubric. For Imani, a high-level student, the feedback was corrective in nature and helped her to achieve at her potential level. I believe immediate feedback is both effective and necessary because it allows the student to learn from their mistakes before they forget what content was tested.

Student Two: Justin

Type of Feedback: Feedback for Specific Types of Knowledge and Skill

Justin is a lower level student who has great potential in mathematics. He is a struggling reader but with help, he understands math content at the same level as his peers. I have made several adaptations for Justin in my lessons that involve reading the directions of assignments and allowing verbal responses for explanation questions. For the post test,

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