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Mass Production of Books in Usa

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Essay title: Mass Production of Books in Usa


CMC 210/Mass Media Overview and History: Sight, Sound and Mind


Robert Riley

Instructor: Arthur Mahan

April 13, 2008


This paper is designed to show how the mass production of books has become the success of America with an impact of the knowledge that books have brought us. The development of publishing housing has helped turn the book industry into a billion dollar corporation. This paper will include how the mass production of books has different structures just as a business does. The making of books over time has had major affects of life in which all were positive in life.

Who Determines What is Printed

From the early ages of history and culture, books have brought nothing but information for education and knowledge for all individuals. In the early 1600’s families who lived in colonies had bought majority of all books. But the main question for this is who determines what is to be printed for books. One must not forget that machines were developed later in life which, were just printing machines which helped improve the development of the books and they could even sell the books at a lower cost. Publishing Housing was in the use for trying to produce good writers. Information can be limited by that the book industry has different task of jobs for the books such as acquiring, publishing, and marketing for the books. Who determines what is printed can be determined by the author of the book or who wrote the book sometimes with the help of acquisitions editors who can sell the rights to a book for use in other media, such as a mass market paperback or as the basis for a screenplay. Another person is the developmental editor who provides the author with feedback and makes suggestions for improvements and obtains advice from knowledgeable members of a community. As things progress it doesn’t just stop there copy editors attend to specific problems in writing or length and production while design managers work on the look of the book, making decisions about the type style, cover design and layout of the book. With all these put together it is the structure of getting a book published just like organizing a business. To some it may seem easy but it takes time and patients to be an efficient author.

Control of Information

The control of Information from pre-book manuscripts has come a long way from the middle ages which was decorated by hand. As time changed from the 1600’s to the 1800’s and with the growth of advertising and the rise of a market economy came the use of publishing houses. We have to realize that in early times things were difficult to read with the no definition of punctuation which made it hard to understand and

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