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Mba 550 - Working Capital Management Worksheet Assignment

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Essay title: Mba 550 - Working Capital Management Worksheet Assignment

MBA/550 Working Capital Management Worksheet Assignment

Week 1

The first week’s assignment focuses on creating a worksheet you can use in planning to gain knowledge about key course concepts and to recognize application of those concepts in the real world. The assignment has three purposes: (A) identify at least five key theoretical concepts from this week’s readings, (B) relate each key concept to its application in an organizational setting, and (C) communicate well-researched information clearly, concisely, and in an organized manner.

Run the “Working Capital Management” simulation to identify examples of five or more key course concepts. Remember that the mind map is a source of these concepts. Then, read the assigned text materials to develop knowledge about the concepts. You may also wish to research these concepts through database searches in the University Library. This additional research will help expand your understanding of the text materials.

By completing the worksheet following the title page, you can begin to develop your research and written communication skills. The example below is from the MBA/500 course using the USAuto scenario. This example can be useful to understanding the assignment’s requirements. Please note that in describing the application of the concept, the worksheet should not contain simple one-word or even one-sentence answers; it should adequately demonstrate, in short paragraphs, careful study of the situations presented in the scenario, the simulation, and the reading materials.

Example Table for Assignment

Concept Application of Concept in the Simulation Reference to Concept in Reading

Distributive negotiations USAuto’s negotiating team did not carefully identify AutoMex’s goals. USAuto’s goal was to reduce costs through utilizing AutoMex labor. AutoMex, by contrast, viewed USAuto as a source for developing its employees’ skill levels. USAuto’s negotiating team also approached entering the Mexican market similarly, unwilling to allow AutoMex access to the hybrid engine for AutoMex’s own production.

Both of these distributive approaches create win-lose situations and can lead to conflict, as compared to the win-win situations created by integrative

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