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Mice and Men

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Essay title: Mice and Men

Mice and Men

Section I

The story starts out with two main characters, Lennie and George. They seem to be best friend; they never leave each other’s side. We quickly find out that Lennie has a mild or moderate mental disability. This may be the reason George feels obligated to stay with Lennie all of the time. George is like a big brother to Lennie, caring for him, watching over him. Making sure Lennie is safe and stays out of trouble. A good example George’s affection for Lenny is when they are walking to the ranch and George finds Lennie patting a dead mouse that Lennie has killed by accident trying to pat and play with the animal. George quickly takes the mouse from Lennie then explained to him why he shouldn’t have the dead mouse and how is to behave in the interview for their new job because they don’t want a repeat of what happened at their previous job.

On their way to the ranch they stopped in a field and George apologies to Lenny and then tells him how when they get money that they will have their own ranch where they can raise their own animals, grow their own crops, and they will have rabbits that Lenny can take care of ect. George follows this by telling Lennie if anything goes wrong with their new job they are always to meet back in this exact field where they camped that night..

The next day when the two go for their interview George wastes no time in stretching the truth about their reason for arriving a day late and why Lennie wouldn’t speak, George says that Lennie was kicked in the head by a horse when he was a child and now is a little dumb. The boss warns them because he thinks they are dishonest.

Section II

The next few sections we are introduced to a number to characters we also find out the real reason why George and Lennie left their last job and why George takes very good care of Lennie. When Lennie and George were in Weed the last town they worked. Lennie wanted to touch the fabric of a girls dress because it was soft. Lennie was then accused of rape because he wouldn’t let go of the soft dress and they left the town.

When the two start on the ranch we are introduced to a few new characters. The first is Crooks, Crooks is a black stable man who keeps to him self. He never lets anyone come where he lives on the ranch except Lennie. Crook’s feels that because the white people won’t allow him to go where they go he wont let them come in where he lives. Crooks makes an exception to for Lennie because he’s fairly simple minded didn’t understand the concept Crooks just explained to him. The next person we are introduced to is Curley. Curley is the bosses son and likes to get in fights with people larger then him. Curley thinks that Slim may be having an affair with his wife so he goes after him when he relises that nothing was happening he turns on an easy target Lennie. Lennie

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