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Mice of Men Alternate Ending

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Essay title: Mice of Men Alternate Ending


Lennie got up and watched Curley’s wife for a while. He finally picked her up and tried to make her stand but she would just fall since she was already dead. He panicked and didn’t know what to do. He made a shape of a chair out of the stack of hay. He made her sit and stand and he finally realized what had just happened. He knew he did something bad and now he had to act quickly.

After Lennie found out what he did to Curley’s wife he ran out. Slim watched him go but just ignored him since he was going to meet Curley’s wife in secret he didn’t want to make himself visible for others at this moment. As soon as he went inside the barn he saw her dead. Slim knew who did it so he went to tell others what had happened.

Slim had to find reason of why he was going to the barn. On his way back to meet the other guys he walked slowly thinking of how he was going to put it without letting everyone know he was going to meet Curley’s wife. Half way to where everyone was having fun he started out running like as if someone was chasing him.

“Curley your wife is dead!” Slim yelled out before he got there. Everyone just stood still and rapidly looked at Curley.

“Who killed her!?” Curley asked furiously getting up from his chair.

“It was him…Lennie the big--” Slim was interrupted

“I know he’s big you don’t have to remind me. Now lets get him!” he told everyone as he moved along to his horse.

George had no idea what was going on until he was inform by Candy. He sat down, got up, walked

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