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Miraculous Wonder Cells

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Essay title: Miraculous Wonder Cells

Wonder Cells 1

Miraculous Wonder Cells

Francesca Tovar

Axia College of University of Phoenix

Wonder Cells 2

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the term "stem cells"? You probably think of embryos, embryonic, fetuses or even "controversy". This is exactly what pops into most peoples' minds. What people don't know is that there are several places in the body where stem cells are found, and that there are several different types of stem cell therapies. Embryonic stem cell therapies are what drug companies' research and utilize, and are the subject of much heated and ongoing debate. On the other hand, umbilical cord stem cell and bone marrow stem cell therapies are available for use right now and are the important areas for us to understand and support.

Did you know that you have literally millions of stem cells per cubic milliliter of bone marrow contained in your body just waiting to be released so they can go to work healing your aches, pains and suffering? Research is proving that stem cells are by far the most promising and exciting hope for a cure for even the most dreadful diseases. Half of all Americans have some type of life-devastating illness and umbilical cord and bone marrow stem cell therapies are viable treatments.

Umbilical cord and bone marrow stem cells are unique, making them valuable for use in treating disease because, when properly administered, they have been proven to be completely safe. Unlike embryonic stem cells, which differentiate (i.e.,

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