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Modern Hygiene for the Modern Woman

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Essay title: Modern Hygiene for the Modern Woman

Modern Hygiene for the Modern Woman

The Golden Era and the Roaring Twenties are two well-known names for the 1920s. Following World War I, there was an economic boom, the art scene was making waves, fashion evolved, and women were going into the workforce. Many family members lost the head of the household, which forced women to get jobs and provide for the families. In 1928, The Kotex Company released an advertisement in a magazine entitled The Tatler, which illustrates fashionable women, their society, and application of Aristotle’s appeals to influence their audience to use their product.

Fashion is a topic, which most women are no strangers to. The Flapper fashion, as it is known, defined women of the time in their social world. A culture of it’s own, the 1920s characterized women almost as masculine and carefree. With shorter hemlines, short bob haircuts, and the taping of breasts, the Flapper decade showed how women took charge in their social, busy, and occupational lives. Consisting of a tag line, “What the World Expects of Women to-day”, the ad applies to the

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