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Moira Farr's "dangerous Determination"

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Essay title: Moira Farr's "dangerous Determination"

In the essay of "Dangerous Determination" that Moira Farr has written, she points out the fact that our society nowadays is being illogical about what gender is the "right" gender to have. This topic that she has chosen to write about, is actually a great issue in certain parts of this world that we all should take notice about. This piece of writing actually becomes quite repetitive because of the fact that she seems to be writing in the exact same way throughout the entire essay. Farr repeats the same style of writing but just using different examples each time. She argues that it is wrong to select what sex your child should be and that the clinics that help you pre-select the sex of your future children should be stopped. As Farr is having this argument in her essay about how wrong it is, she only shows one side of the story and what she thinks. Farr becomes bias herself saying that it is wrong to have the notion in mind to only want to carry a male fetus. In her arguments and debate about this whole situation, she uses many articles of what she has read

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