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Music Analysis: Changes by Tupac Shakure

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Essay title: Music Analysis: Changes by Tupac Shakure

MUSIC ANALYSIS: Changes by Tupac Shakure

For most people that listen to music, a song can be classified as simply a plethora of words constructed into verses in the midst of an appealing tune playing in the backdrop. But it is when an artist can take all of this and add even more to it to make it memorable and even sometimes controversial he or she is considered a great artist. Perhaps one of the most misunderstood rap, along with hip hop artist of the 20th century is the late Tupac Shakure. ... However, to his fans and critics, he was perceived as a political poet and a lyrical genius. Though I wasn’t supposed to, I have listened to Pac since I was a child...and Ill have to admit I haven’t always liked him or his style of rapping. I really began to appreciate him more as I grew older and more mature. I believe that this is due to the fact that most of his music is filled with complex thoughts and opinions along with extremely vivid images that stray far, far away from the traditional Euro American society of perfection and happiness. That is a great aspect of Pac’s rapping style. Tupac has released around 15 albums and an uncountable amount of underground tracks. I have chosen to look at one of Tupac’s song that I think is the most concentrated on Black and White race relations in America. This song is called Changes, this song was released on his Greatest hits CD in 1998. In this song Tupac addresses this issue he begins the second verse with the lines; “And still I see no changes all I see is racist faces….” (verse2). This verse is very powerful in that it addresses political racial issues, society’s justice system and how things in society are set up in a way that blacks will remain at

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