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My Best Teacher Award

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Essay title: My Best Teacher Award

Thinking back to the thirteen years I spent in grade school preparing myself for college its hard to pick out one teacher than I would consider “my best teacher.” There are always teachers that stand out for some reason or another, whether it maybe because of their personality, field trips they go on, or all the holiday party fun had in their class. However, the teacher that that I chose deserving of the “My Best Teacher” award I still remember because of the care she showed to each of her students through her personality, the field trips she took us on, and the all the fun had in her class. This teacher is my first grade teacher, Mrs. Hunter.

I moved to my hometown Riverview, Michigan, right before I entered the first grade. Going into my first year of school knowing no one was very scary, yet Mrs. Hunter made me feel like I fit right in. She treated our class like we were apart of her family, which in turn made everyone feel at home and get along without the usual school cliques. One of the most memorable times in Mrs. Hunter’s class was when she took the entire class on a field trip to her house and really showed us who she was and how much she care about her students and the people they really are. Even when it came to dressing up for our Halloween party, she dressed up and went all out, where as most teachers do not even feel the need to dress up. Looking back now I can see how much she really cared for all of us and to this day I can see her somewhere and she will remember exactly who I am like I was just in her class.

Going from by best teacher back in elementary school, to my most effective teacher I would have to definitely chose a teacher that had an effect on the rest of my life. The most effective teacher I have ever had was my eleventh and twelfth grade chemistry teacher, Mrs. Smith. I can honestly say that she was the most effective teacher because I chose to be a science major in the elementary education field because of her. She made chemistry, a boring and difficult subject to most people, fun and interesting.

Mrs. Smith knew what it was like to be a high school student and could relate to all of us, which showed through her teaching.

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