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My Mill

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Essay title: My Mill

We own and operate a specialty overlaid plywood mill in Savona, British

Columbia, and an associated veneer plant in Lillooet, British Columbia.

Our Savona mill is the second largest producer of specialty overlaid

plywood panels in North America. Specialty overlaid plywood is a high

performance wood product used in concrete forms, trailer decking and paint-grade

signs and earns premium prices over commodity plywood. The plant is located on a

64 acre site owned by us and is serviced by rail. Specialty overlaid plywood

products command premium prices that are less volatile than conventional plywood

sheathing and we have typically been able to realize premium margins from our

specialty overlaid plywood product line. In addition, we have continued to focus

our efforts on developing new products in order to diversify our specialty

overlaid plywood product lines and to access broader international markets.

Our Pourform® brands of concrete forming products are recognized for their

superior performance characteristics and longevity. The primary

AinsworthEngineered® specialty overlaid plywood product produced at Savona is a

medium density overlay concrete forming panel called Pourform-107®, which is

used for industrial concrete forming work, including high rise construction,

dams and highway infrastructure projects. Pourform-107® is manufactured using a

resin-impregnated paper overlay that leaves an architectural finish on the

concrete, and enables the panel to be re-used multiple times. The balance of

Savona's production consists of high- density overlaid panels used for concrete

forming, decking material for flat deck trailers, and general purpose overlaid

panels used for paint grade sign material as well as panels designed

specifically for use in flat deck trailers, dry freight

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