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Essay title: My Paper

And there's no better way to kick off the festivities than on a plush chaise at Nikki Beach (Route de Epi Ramatuelle), where waiters in white keep the alcohol flowing, and the drink of choice is champagne. But hitting the beach amongst the jet set is, well, no day at the beach. Nikki Beach and the other desirable beach clubs all require reservations that must be made weeks in advance.

"These places are always full," according to Franck Pizza, head concierge at Chвteau de la Messardiиre, one of the town's most popular resorts.

Even a reservation doesn't guarantee admission. "There is still a selection at the door," Pizza says. That's when looking the part becomes key. "It's not formal, you just have to be sexy." Bikinis and beachwear are a must, just as long as you wear it well.

And if you do get in, bring your Black Card. "Drinks are totally overpriced," warned Peter Frank, editor in chief of A basic bottle of bubbly starts at $300 -- while Cristal will set you back $800.

On St. Tropez, there are of course parties day and night, and the first round of revelry generally kicks into gear on the beach sometime after 4 pm. At that point, there is often more champagne sprayed than swallowed.

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