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Napoleon Bonaparte

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Essay title: Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte I loved power and usually had plenty of it. Napoleon’s path with power was very rough and bumpy. Sometimes he was high up top and had a lot of it. Other times he was in a deep pothole and had none at all. Napoleon wanted power and he didn’t care how he got it as long as he got it; even if that meant running someone over.

Even when Napoleon was very young he was interested in the military. Napoleon was nine years old when he went to military school. He was one of those nerdy kids that loved his history and geography and hated sports such as dancing and fencing. He had completed three years of military college in just one year.

The French Revolution started in 1789 and he was a big supporter of it. Napoleon was a brave and brilliant soldier. There use to be three consuls but when Napoleon got so powerful the other two consuls sort of disappeared into the chaos of the revolution. Napoleon became the First Consul. At the time France was a total mess and Napoleon fixed France, at least for the time being.

Napoleon even had the Catholic Church liking him. He recognized their religious freedom so the pope would accept the main parts of the revolutionary law. This was a big triumph for him because he won the support of the church. Although Napoleon did not have a certain religion he believed in. When he went to Egypt he pretended to be a Muslim.

Napoleon had so much power he claimed himself Emperor of the French. Napoleon also defeated so many countries that he was able to re-draw the map of Europe. He came up with the Continental System as well. The Continental System was to try and shut off all of Europe from trading with England. Napoleon had a Grand Army that was undefeated. They never lost a battle and most countries feared them. This all from one man during a revolution.


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