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National Security Act

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Essay title: National Security Act

National Security Act

The National Security Act of 1947 became law on July 26, 1947. It created the Department of the Air Force, headed by a secretary of the Air Force. Under the Department of the Air Force, the act established the United States Air Force. The United States Air Force, upon establishment, had a mission statement. The mission statement included topics on values, strong culture, and ethics.

The Air Force is one of many organizations that are outcome oriented. Its goal is to complete missions of success with the least amount of problems or lost lives as possible. To accomplish the Air Force goals, a chain of command is a must. In addition, the organization relies on teamwork to achieve success. The organizational culture depends on things such as stability, aggressiveness, and the paying attention of detail. Without the foundation of the culture, the organization would crumble.

Since the Untied States Air Force was created, in 1947, there have been established traditions and rituals as well as rules and policies. These have been adhered to for many years and spanning many generations. Traditions such as morning mustard and award ceremonies have been practiced ritualistically for many years. It goes to reason that new students at the academy learn the customs of the Air Force rather quickly by the example of traditions and years of practice. In addition, the new recruits at the academy should learn from superiors exactly what acceptable or unacceptable conduct is and how they are to believe as well as things are done. The problems come with acts of behavior, such as sexual assault or rape that has been overlooked or considered acceptable in the past. An example is, if women of the Air Force are taught that voicing complaints of sexual misconduct will cost them their jobs, and then they are less likely to speak up.

When looking for change, Secretary Roche faces many challenges. One could then ask, “Were the leaders of the United States Air Force overlooking the complaints at hand?” Perhaps the first change should come with leadership. One has to take into consideration the number of complaints. The secretary should be able to install a sense of trust and morality to cadets, while at the same time promote a change in conduct. After sixty years of tradition, change within the Air Force will not be an easy task. With change, Secretary Roche needs to able to provide a safe environment that encourages everyone, especially women, to speak out against sexual misconduct.

Sexual assault is one of many misconduct acts that one can commit. These types of crimes don’t just hurt the offender or victim, but hurts the squad, unit, and the Air Force as a whole. All of the offenders should be held liable and prosecuted for their crimes. The victim should know that there

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