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Nature of Logic

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Essay title: Nature of Logic

Nature of logic

Webster's dictionary defines logic as the science dealing with the principles of reasoning, especially of the method and validity of deductive reasoning. In layman's terms, the use of logic within our thinking allows us the ability to discern and reason logically that with which we are presented with on a daily basis. It is a process of examining and evaluating any particular idea or thought, in an effort to search for the truths that allows us to better understand or identify why we think the way we do. It enables us to more effectively express our opinions and ideas or even aid in the argument of someone else's point of view. Hence the term, Critical Thinking! It is a way in which we rationalize any given thought or idea that helps us to come to a conclusion based on the findings that support it.

A perception that I have always had, up until recently, was that if an individual attended and graduated from college that automatically meant that he or she was intelligent. I thought that a college degree holder had an intellectual superiority that others lacked. If this belief held any significant truth, then logic would suggest that going to college makes an individual smarter than the average non-graduate person. With that stated, there can be no mistake that having a college degree in our society is equated to being educated, intelligent and more capable of succeeding in their work fields.

Now speaking of my own personal experience, reality has shown me another meaning of what it means to have a degree. In the military, obtaining a college degree means one can go about spreading their ignorance, not only because they like to hear themselves talk, but because they have that piece of paper that says "I'm educated," therefore they must be right. It means that they can talk to an individual without a degree as if he or she is untaught without any regard for respect. It means that their way of thinking is the only way of thinking, because if you don't have your degree, obviously you do not know what you are talking about.

For the past five years I have been told that because I don't have my college degree, I am not capable of anything intellectually significant. Because I have no higher education, I have been told that everyone with one is intellectually superior to me and that my thoughts, opinions and inputs are of no value. For as long as I have been in the military community, I have been told that because I do not hold these valued credentials, I do not deserve the same respect as one with these college credentials. However, I beg to differ with all those people that think because of their status that I am any less capable than they are. The thought of that bothers me, to know that I have to work for arrogant, pompous people that treat me as if I am dumb and illiterate. It is for this reason I despise my job. The military is especially notorious for this particular mindset. In all my life, I have never met so many witless people that profess to be smart. It is this experience that has changed my views as to what it really means to have a college degree.

Therefore, I am of the opinion that going to college doesn't

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