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Ndi Election Assessment Case Study

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Essay title: Ndi Election Assessment Case Study

NDI (National Democratic Institute) Election Assessment Case Study


NDI has been organizing study missions and issuing periodic reports on political developments in the region. These reports have assessed: the development of Hong Kong's post-reversion election framework; the political environment of Hong Kong's post-reversion election framework; the political environment on the eve of reversion to Chinese sovereignty; the status of autonomy; rule of law and civil liberties under Chinese sovereignty; the various selections in the HKSAR under Chinese sovereignty; the Principal Officials Accountability Systems; and the prospects for democratization beyond the 10 year period set forth in the Basic Law.

This September we will be conducting another study mission for the upcoming Legislative Council elections.

*We are recruiting 6 student volunteers* to work with Legislative Council candidates in their spare time during the campaign period from late July till election day (September 7th). Students will have a chance to experience first hand the workings of an election campaign. A minimum of 8 - 10 working hours per week.

Qualitative Research Methodologies in Education

Using Written Narrative

Frames for Collecting Data

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