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New York Dog Care United Kingdom Marketing Plan

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Essay title: New York Dog Care United Kingdom Marketing Plan

Table of Contents

1.0 New York Dog Care / Company Background

2.0 Services Offered

3.0 Location

4.0 Target Consumers / Profile and Segmentation

5.0 International Marketing Strategy

5.1 Price (medium/low)

5.1.1 Price Strategy

5.1.2 Competitor pricing

5.1.3 Service Prices

5.2 Promotion

6.0 Conclusion

New York Day Care was founded in New York City, New York, in 2003 and has since become a leading provider of Dog Care Services in the Metropolitan Area. The company was founded by a life long dog care professional who built the company around his experience and knowledge of the industry. Originally started to provide dog walking services to clients, the company has been through several service expansions to where they now offer services from boarding, walking, grooming, and even obedience training.

New York Dog Care is interested in expanding overseas to the one of the wealthiest countries in the world, the United Kingdom. More specifically New York Dog Care is planning to base the U.K. operation in London where they plan to provide, through their Doggie Day Care, the following services: dog boarding on site at their webcam day care center; dog grooming; dog walking; and obedience training. There are currently very limited Web Cam Doggie Day Care providers in the United Kingdom, so this is a cutting edge service. London was chosen as it is a metropolitan as New York City and the model that will be used is similar to the used in New York will adjustments to the specific services to cater the needs of the consumer in this region.

The consumers that New York will be targeting will meet the following demographic profile. Experienced dog owners who will appreciate the value of the services offered. Research and experience has shown these to be the best consumers to work with because they already know what to expect and what is expected of them as dog owners. The age range varies, but basically covers mature adults that are not yet retired.

This is the prime target because we are seeking consumers who have busy daytime schedules and take vacations. The socio-economic group that we are targeting would be the equivalent to our middle class and upper-middle class. The target consumer would fall anywhere between Small employers / own account workers (numer four on table below) to Higher managerial / professional occupations (number one on table below).

The National Statistics Socio-economic Classification Analytic Classes

1 Higher managerial and professional occupations

1.1 Large employers and higher managerial occupations

1.2 Higher professional occupations

2 Lower managerial and professional occupations

3 Intermediate occupations

4 Small employers and own account workers

5 Lower supervisory and technical occupations

6 Semi-routine occupations

7 Routine occupations

8 Never worked and long-term unemployed


We are also seeking consumer

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