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Nietzsche and the Overman

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Essay title: Nietzsche and the Overman

"The Prologue of Nietzsche", by Walter Kuafamn, illustrates Zarathustra's great journey to fine the overman and the overman in himself. This higher man he speaks of is what all men should be, but do not have the ability. The overman is capable of overcoming all aspects of life. He can overcome any challenge, physical and emotional. Relating to Darwin's theory of evolution, Zarathustra explains how man is a "rope" between beast and the overman. The overman's gift to master man's will to power is his key characteristic, which separates him from man and beast. The tightrope of mundane realism is the ultimate challenge to becoming Zarathustra's meaning of the earth. What Zarathustra comes to realize is this overman is one metamorphoses away in the child, his own new creation or innocence.

Mankind is so full of his own self that he cannot see past his mortal flaws. The man is the

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