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Nuclear Weapons

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Essay title: Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear Weapons

In the beginning The Atomic Bomb was constructed to end a war and save lives. Since that time fear and power have risen because of the threat of world destruction. Coming from Los Alamos, New Mexico a town that makes nuclear weapons I have a different view than most. In Los Alamos we always have protesters with big signs calling the scientist, that work at The Los Alamos National Laboratory, killers. Now when I drive by and see these signs I can not help but think of my father, stepmother, and all my neighbors, all of my friends' parents as being killers. I know and love these people and to see them called killers is a strange concept to grasp. The following will discuss nuclear weapons and what the intended use is, where and how nuclear weapons became a problem, the effect it has had on the world, the problems it has caused, what is being done about the problems. Nuclear weapons are the backbone and liberator of our great country. To put a tool used to insure our great country on the backburner would be a great injustice and would put our country in grave danger.

Many people ask why do we still need all of these weapons or killers as they are often referred to as? They think that we have enough already and what is the point of continuing the excess. Instead of thinking of nuclear weapons as killers we should be looking at them as lifesavers. In that light I think everyone would agree that you could not put a limit of the value of life. Everybody hears the statistics about the United States having enough weapons to blow the world up three times. This may be true, however as technology advances so do weapons and you can bet other countries are not settling for the weapons they already posses. If we were to stop the production of nuclear weapons we would be alone in that effort. When we have people like Sadam Hussain in the world, which we always will, we need the protection that only nuclear weapons can provide. If people think that trying to bargain with a man like Hussain without safety net is plausible then they are hugely mistaken. It would be like using a typewriter instead of using a computer because we have an abundance of typewriters. "It would be wrong to assume that a broader conception of international security makes it easier to achieve the goal of nuclear abolition" (Cowen-Karp 6). People against nuclear weapons feel that the United States of America should dispose of all their nuclear weapons. If the United States of America disposed of all its lifesavers we would have no power left to be the strongest nation in the world. Many opponents believe this would be fine. If those opponents were able to realize this would only jeopardize our freedom they would reconsider. Yet many people still feel that there should be peace and not war. The point these people are missing is that without nuclear weapons we would be forced into a war without a way to defend ourselves. The very right that people have to protest nuclear weapons would be gone if the country, that gave them that right, had no means to protect our freedoms. The only way it would be safe to discard all nuclear weapons is if all countries everywhere did the same. Or just roll over and let the other countries that continue on with the production of providing its citizens with the best security. That is a nice thought but how likely is it that every country will agree to just dispose of nuclear weapons which cost billions if not trillions of dollars over the years? Lets just say that every country decides to dispose of the weapons, as well as all the money spent. How long will it be before an egomaniac sees a fast path to world domination? Maybe we should have never gone down the road of nuclear weapons, but now that we live in this world we have no choice but to continue with the process of keeping humanity from tyrants who want world domination. Instead of thinking of all governments spending too much money of nuclear weapons we should be thinking of it as our government spending money to buy us a really good security system. "The fact that with all nuclear powers the nuclear component consumes only a minor fraction of total financial and manpower resources devoted to national defense" (Wieda 2). If I was a robber I would go to the house without the security system just like if I am a dictator looking to take over the world I am going to take over the country who has no chance of fighting me off. A lot of people believe that all of the National Laboratories that work with nuclear weapons should be shut down. A very valid thought to most, but these people do not realize the extent of the laboratories role in our present society. None of these people realize that the laboratories had many other departments within the laboratory. They develop materials that help build the space shuttles, they make

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