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Observable Trends of Race, Age and Gender

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Essay title: Observable Trends of Race, Age and Gender

Observable Trends of Race, Age, and Gender

Over the past week I have been observing many things around NC State’s campus. I paid close attention to the types of people doing work in relation to race, gender, and age. The types of jobs I observed were the wolf-line bus drivers, Raleigh city bus drivers, construction workers on campus, and food service employees at University Towers. On average, the wolf-line bus drivers were middle aged Caucasian woman. However, the bus drivers for Raleigh were on average, middle aged African American woman. I found this very interesting that city bus drivers were mostly minorities and that campus bus drivers were all Caucasian. The construction workers I observed had a clear separation of race. Sometimes I would see Hispanic male workers, who seemed to be in their early to mid twenties. Other times I saw middle aged Caucasian male workers, mostly working on plumbing and sewage on roads. The Hispanic workers seemed to be handling the tougher, manual labor. Throughout the entire week I was unable to find a single female construction worker on campus. This observation contributes to the stereotyping of gender roles for careers. The males

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