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Of Mice and Men

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Essay title: Of Mice and Men

HI ALL! This week I chose to read the novel Moby Dick, but I could not stop laughing when I starting reading it, so Lina took it away and locked it in a safe and buried in the back yard. Now I laugh at the back yard cause a Moby Dick is buried in it. HEE HEE...

Anyway... Lina gave me the book Of Mice and Men. After reading it, I asked Lina to tell me about the rabbits. But she wouldn't. So I asked Ameria, and she wouldn't shut up about the cute lil' bunnies and rabbits, and her room was decorated with little cute pink fluffy bunnies. I pretended to listen, but in my head I listened to Jammin'. A very wonderful song. Jammin'! OH YEAH! I'm JAMMIN'...

So then I went to Xelloss and asked him to tell me about the rabbits. He said it's a secret, so I punched him in the face while he was waggling his finger. So, finally I asked Zelgadiss to tell me about the rabbits. He started mumbling about how soft and fluffy they were, and how he missed being soft and fluffy, then he kept saying "They'll all pay." I didn't understand. So I just went off and looked up rabbit in the dictionary.


n. pl. rab·bits or rabbit

Any of various long-eared, short-tailed,

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