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Organizational Behavior Trends Paper

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Essay title: Organizational Behavior Trends Paper

Organizational Behavior Trends Paper

The organizational environment has a powerful influence on employee behavior. Many of our responses are automatic: we drive with effortless attention to the road and lights; we take notes in class without thinking about how to write. In the long term the frequency of these behaviors may depend on the consequences (the payoffs for driving or writing), but at any one moment it is primarily the stimuli in the environment that control our behavior. This paper will focus on how the following two trends that influence the employee behavior in the workplace: 1) the influence of ethics on decision-making 2) the impact of technology on work-related stress. The behavior patterns and beliefs that shape an organization’s culture have the profound ability to enable or prevent the company from achieving its strategic objectives. By becoming clear about the kind of culture that supports the organization’s vision and business strategy, the organization will have the ability to target culture change efforts in order to align its organization’s culture to achieve strategic success. This paper will explore the influence of ethics on decision-making, as well as focus on the impact of technology on work-related stress.

The impact of information technology has significant effects on the structure, management and functioning of most organizations. It demands new patterns of work organization and effects individual jobs, the formation and structure of groups, the nature of supervision and managerial roles. In the case of new office technology it allows the potential for staff at clerical/operator level to carry out a wider range of functions and to check their own work. The result is a change in the traditional supervisory function and a demand for fewer supervisors. IT has prompted a growing movement towards more automated procedures of work. There is a movement away from large scale, centralized organization to smaller working units. Processes of communication are increasingly limited to computer systems with the rapid transmission of information and immediate access to their national or international offices. Changes wrought by IT means that individuals may work more on their own, from their personal work stations or even from their own homes, or work more with machines than with other people. One person may be capable of carrying out a wider range of activities. There are changes in the nature of supervision and the traditional hierarchy structure of jobs and responsibilities. Therefore the introduction of IT undoubtedly transforms significantly the nature of work and employment conditions for staff. Within our organization (Fremont Investment & Loan), we’ve just implemented a new loan origination system for the whole company. We have total of six headquarters through out the nation, and we do have different

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