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Organizational Behavior Trends

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Essay title: Organizational Behavior Trends


Companies make decisions everyday and each one of them can impact what it does presently and what, when and how it will affect it in the near future. Situations are presented everyday in work and in people which will affect his or her decision making and will involve for he or she to decide if it is an ethical or unethical problem.

In 2006 a university in California wrote an article named "Framework for thinking ethically" explained how ethics role in situations plays a role on a daily basis and how human beings act in these situations. It referred to "5 sources of ethical standards" to separate different types of ethical thinking that is used on a daily basis. The 5 sources for ethical standards were "The Utilitarian Approach", "The Rights Approach", "The Fairness or Justice Approach", "Common Good Approach", and "The Virtue Approach". As an individual understanding all these different types of ethical thinking can help people if he or she takes the time to analyze the situation and see how depending on what approach he or she will take will help them understand ethically his or her decision-making process. As an individual ethical decision making will take time to understand, situations will arise and will test how much you have learned as you keep learning on personal decision making.

One other point to consider is also how technology has become an asset in the workforce environment. Companies rely in some form on different types of technology. For example the internet is one essential tool companies feel it has to have to make it, without it the work environment would not be as efficient in different aspects of daily business functions as a good portion is done by some form of internet usage. Another Technological advantage that companies have is email. Email is highly used by the majority of companies as a communication tool that helps keep a closer contact with employees and customers. The companies which implement technology onto its daily work duties use it for many reasons besides communication

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