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Organizational Ethics Issue Resolution

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Essay title: Organizational Ethics Issue Resolution

Organizational Ethics Issue Resolution

Business ethics in the workplace is about prioritizing moral values for the workplace and ensuring behaviors are aligned with those values. Perhaps too often, business ethics is portrayed as a matter of resolving conflicts in which one option appears to be the clear choice. For example, case studies are often presented in which an employee is faced with whether or not to lie, steal, cheat, abuse another, break terms of a contract, etc. However, ethical dilemmas faced by managers are often more real-to-life and highly complex with no clear guidelines, whether in law or often in religion. Ethical decisions are things we must make each and every day. According to the Josephine Institute of decision making we must learn six steps to making the right decision.

The decision process can be a tedious process at times, but with the proper techniques we can all become better decision makers in our personal lives, on our jobs, and in everything that we do. Proper ethics must be used everyday in our working environment. By applying critical thinking tools and the ethical decision making model we can assure ourselves of making the right decisions. The organization that I have selected is Washington Mutual (WaMu) where an employee did not give the accurate information to his customers.

Issue Clarification

Ethical decision making process is to stop and think, working for Cingular and customers everyday employees must stop and think to ensure that decisions they are making are ethical. Employees working with WaMu sometimes don’t give accurate information to their customers even they know they have to share this information with the customers. Is it ethical not to give the all of the information that a customer should know? I.e. questions about their services or questions from would be customers about the products and services. The issued is to provide wrong information to the customers and tell them they are required to open savings account if they open checking account just to meet the sales goal and get more commission.Not telling the customers the whole truth about the services and lied to customers to open saving account if they open checking account is required caused problems. Employee did not share all the information with the customer and did not give the customer true accurate information.

Stakeholder analysis

When dealing with customers employees should think how the decisions they are making will affect their possible advance with the company. How will the decision made effect the company’s reputation? We should consider the basis of the supposed facts. Employees should not give false information to the customer just to increase the sales or to get promoted if they will continue to increase the sales. Other interest could be get commissions as much as they can by opening more accounts every day. Customers would get the service not knowing all the terms and conditions that would apply because the employees did not share accurate information with the customer and the employee would get his incentive or commission by opening new accounts and increase the sales.

Values Identification

WaMu values include fair, care, human, dynamic, and driven. It tells us the ethics of absolute fairness, honesty, and integrity guide everything we do. WaMu actions match its words. Balance the expectations and earn the trust of its customers, employees, communities, and investors. WaMu offers its customers simpler, easier products and services which fit their needs, provide great value, and make them smile. WaMu expect leaders to make difficult decisions, and to carry them out in a way that allows all involved to maintain dignity. Being human means positive, energetic, and committed to achieving its objectives and living its values. WaMu believes in power of talented, committed individuals-working as a team-to make and extraordinary difference.

Issue Resolution

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