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Original Writing Script - Create a Story & Characters

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Essay title: Original Writing Script - Create a Story & Characters

[[ The scene opens with a boy in bed and his mother enters ]]

Mother: Come on Son, rise and shine..

[[ She opens his curtains ]]

Boy: I don't want to go... you know what it's like

[[ The mother sits on the end of the bed ]]

Mother: [Exhales] Danny, look, it is going to be hard and some people will find it difficult to forgive you but you've only got 2 years left! You can't let this get in the way of your education..

Danny: Fine, I'm up. Just don't expect me to be happy

Mother: You will in time Son, you will in time

[[ The mother exits and Danny reaches into his bedside drawer and pulls out a photo and smiles ]]

Danny: I guess you were worth it

[[ Danny places the photo back in the drawer and exits the room. The scene cuts to a school common room full of students and four girls are sat around a circular table talking]]

Stacy: I know, I can't believe she did that, she is SUCH a whore

Michaela: I can't believe she cried afterwards!

Stacy: Well it was her cousin!

[[ The girls erupt into laughter and the room is abuzz with chat , Danny enters and the rooms falls silent. Danny begins to walk towards the corridor and people whisper and stare as he walks ]]

Stacy: What do you think you're doing?

Danny: Trying to get to class

Stacy: Was that a joke? Are you trying to joke with me?

Danny: I am trying to get on with my life.. you should try to do the same

[[ Stacy slaps Danny across the face and Danny simply breaths in ]]

Danny: Finished? Good.

[[ Danny goes to walk towards to corridor again but Stacy grabs his arm. His friend, Alexis stands up and gets in the middle of them both ]]

Alexis: Hey, leave him alone

Stacy: Why are you defending him, he's scum

Alexis: He's my friend

Stacy: And he was mine too... emphasis on the was

Alexis: You were not good for him anyway. You're just another rich little bitch trying to manipulate everyone around her

Stacy: And you're a pathetic little girl who is going to get a slap if she doesn't move out the way

Danny: Guys, stop fighting..

Stacy & Alexis: Shut up

Stacy: You know what Alexis, defend him all you like but you better watch your back. He's poison. Girls, we're leaving.

[[ Stacy and her 3 friends exit and Danny turns to Alexis ]]

Danny: Thanks

Alexis: Are you ok?

Danny: Hmm, guess this is the life of a Social Pariah..

Alexis: It's nothing less than you deserve, Danny

[[ Alexis turns to leave ]]

Danny: Alexis wait, I thought we were friends?

Alexis: I am not your friend. I just don't like her. And no matter how much I don't like her, nobody deserved

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