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Othello Act 1 Summary & Response

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Essay title: Othello Act 1 Summary & Response

Othello Act 1 Summary & Response

Roderigo and Iago are talking in a street and Roderigo tells Iago that Othello has made Cassio into his leuitenant. Iago becomes jealous and because of these, he hates Othello. To make trouble for Othello, the two of them inform the senator Brabantio that Othello has taken his daughter Desdemona with him. Roderigo mentions to Brabantio his love towards Desdemona. Brabantio is assured that her daughter is gone and goes with Roderigo and some officers to find Ohello.

While Iago fakes his friendship with Othello, Othello declares his love for Desdemona. Cassio and some officers walk to where Iago and Othello are and inform Othello that the Duke wants to see him. Roderigo and Brabantio arrive accusing Othello for stealing Desdemona. Brabantino plans to take Othello in prison from the orders of the Duke. Othello agrees to go with the Duke and say the truth about his marriage with Desdemona.

Brabantio accuses Othello to the Duke of using witchcraft and drugs to her daughter. Othello assures that his love with Desdemona is pure and he didn’t use anything against her. Desdemona is brought to them and she declares that her love towards Othello had been for several years. They have one last hour together before Othello goes to battle. Iago and Roderigo have a conversation to make a plan to ruin both Othello’s and Cassio’s lives.

I liked the way scene 1 begins and scene 3 ends with a conversation of Roderigo and Iago. It’s telling us the way they are and their intentions towards Othello.

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