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Othello by William Shakespeare

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Essay title: Othello by William Shakespeare

Throughout the book “Othello” by William Shakespeare, Othello expresses a great amount of love. Whether the love was over lust or true love that is for the reader’s of this book to decide. Each reader interprets this novel differently. Othello asked to be remembered as “one who loved not wisely but to well.” This is a very accurate quote. Shakespeare’s whole novel Othello was based on this quote in the story. You will see this in his relationship with different people.

Iago was Othello’s right hand man. As the beginning of the play starts you can quickly notice that something was not right with Iago, as the position of lieutenant to Othello opened he felt that he who has been there for Othello should receive it. Othello not knowing how Iago felt about what has happened kept a lot of faith and love in Iago believing almost everything he had to say and putting his word over others. “Iago keeps his word (Act. V Sc. I: 30)”. Unlike Iago who turns on Othello, Cassio stays devoted in every aspect to him.

Cassio, the lieutenant to Othello was a very young inexperienced solider. Othello expresses a great amount of love to Cassio therefore giving him the position of his lieutenant. The love quickly is erased when Othello receives false information regarding Cassio. Again this goes back to Iago and his jealousy of not receiving the position, so Iago tells Othello that his wife and Cassio are having a relationship. There is only one person that Othello believes over anyone else and that is his wife Desdemona. As far as Othello is concerned his wife can not do

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