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Essay title: Paper

1) situate poet and poem historically in general and specific sense (setting, which war)


аBritish soldier serving in WWI in trenches, front line

аwas enlisted as a soldier in WWI

аsome poets interested in the glory of war but Owen interested in horror

аOwen ‘s view: he is like a camera or movie; documenting rather than suggesting new systems to problems



аpoems bring home the brutality of war and the continuity of human suffering

аfeelings of futility and outrage at the suffering cause by WWI

аdiscusses a specific incident (gas attack remembered by those who survived) but uses it to embrace the wider atrocities of war

2) at least 4 poetic devices


guttering, choking, drowning; show how the man is suffering as well as the terrible pain he is in, something that humans should not have to endure

аwrithing, forth-corrupted say how the man is being tormented

аblood-shod: shows how the troops have been on their feet for days never resting

аflung [into the wagon]: gassed man being flung into a wagon reveals the urgency and occupation with fighting; tossing him there is the only thing they could do; one word can add to the meaning so much shows the effectiveness of diction


аemphasizes points being made

аtroops as being “like beggars under sacks”; not only says they are tired but says that they are so tired they have been brought down to the level of beggars who have not slept in a bed for weeks on end

аcompares victim’s face to the devil ; seeming corrupted

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