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Pepsi and Coke

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Essay title: Pepsi and Coke

Pepsi Cola Pepsi Cola beverage business was founded at turn of the century by Caleb Bradham a New Bern N.C druggist who formulated Pepsi Cola. Pepsi Cola Company now produces and markets nearly 200 refreshment beverages to retail, restaurants and food service customers in more then 190 countries and territories around the world and generates revenue of over 18 billion dollars. Although Pepsi holdings over the years have become diverse in such fields as the snack industry and restaurants industry this portfolio will discuss its core business and its highly successful business of beverages. The soft drink industry customer base is probably the widest and deepest base in a world that is flooded with some many categories. According to Beverage Digest the customer base for soft drinks is a whopping 95% of regular users in the United States. This represents a large field of potential customers for Pepsi Cola. Yet although Pepsi could just use the majority fallacy to market there product, Pepsi prefers to segment itself as the beverage choice of the “ New Generation”, Generation Next, or

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