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Personality Types in office Space 2

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Essay title: Personality Types in office Space 2

Personality types in Office Space 2

Office space is a movie about a drone working in a cubicle somewhere in corporate America schemes where co-workers get back at the company that's sucking the life out of them all. The movie shows the main character of Peter Gibbons unable to endure another mind numbing day at Initech Corporation. He gets fired up and decides to get passionate. With his new altitude, he masters the art of neglecting his job, which quickly propels him into the ranks of upper management. He took this as a stage to carry out a high tech embezzling scheme, which means the end of his job. In this movie there are so many types of individual personalities but i will discuss the main three core characters

There are 16 personality types patterns, which are often referred by a 4-letter type code developed by Isabel Myers, based on her understanding of the personality typology. Looking at Peters Characters in the movie, he is much of introversion because he like a quite environment for concentration thus why he was asking his co-worker to switch off the radio in the office so he can concentrate better. He is also an intuition type where he likes to follow his inspiration example like staying home and sleeps if he want while he focus on people interactions and wants harmony and support among colleagues, which are character of feelings. Finally he is too much of perceiving where he wants flexibility in this work. This result to personality type INFP which is harmonizes clarifier (Idealist). He is going out with the flow and exploring moral questions. INFP people they normally get reacquainted with themselves and the have a way of knowing what is believe. Struggling with structure and getting their lives in order.

Personality types in Office Space 3

Michael Bolton is an extraversion type where he enjoys interacting with people and develops his idea through discussion. He is also Interested on how people doing their jobs, as an example he was concerned about Peters and TPS repots.

He is in sensing group where he focus on immediate issues and provide a realistic and practical perceptive. On his Thinking he always focus on the task and he is a firm minded as he gave criticism to Peters about why he was fired and he is

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