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Pharmacology Lit Review

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Essay title: Pharmacology Lit Review

Pharmacology Literature Review

The book Clinical Nutrition was truly a wonderful book on the subject. It provided a vast amount of information and was very well organized. I felt the book did a great job at really walking you through somewhat tricky subject matters in a way that really helped to simplify everything. This particular book, put out by the Nutrition Society, really seems to focus more on the sick and nutritionally compromised type of patient. This resource does a great job of really walking you through metabolic and nutritional assessments as well as all the organ systems. This really makes everything really easy to find within the book and helps the book to flow exceptionally well. The book also provides great illustrations and the pictures really contribute to the overall ease of reading and understanding. Finally, the book ends with illustrative clinical case histories which are a great way to sum everything up.

I feel that the information provided in this book is definitely medical related. However, the book does a great job of really taking the medical information and breaking it down to its basic science elements. Due to the relative ease of reading of this book, I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues as a good quick reference in a clinical situation.

The Medline Plus search website is a wonderful resource for nutritional professionals as well as lay people. The information was easy to read and not lacking in quality or quantity. It provides a brief overview of each nutrient, and then begins to go in depth into such aspects as dosage forms, contraindications of taking each nutrient, and even other medications which could be hazardous to take with the given protocol. For example, with folic acid it really did a good job of informing you about all the possible contraindications that this vitamin could have. People with pernicious anemia should use caution when starting to take folic acid. Also, this search resource provides a rather in depth list of all the recommended doses for patients of all different age groups with different conditions. It will also walk you through the proper use of the vitamin and also what to do in case of a missed dose. Finally, the website will provide you with the possible side effects of the given nutrient and ends with listing all the other generic names for the vitamin in question.

Overall, I would say that the information presented in this website is easily understandable and goes into a good amount of detail on certain topics of each vitamin. However, the website does have its limitations. This particular website did not really touch on much of the basic sciences and background information. It does not go into things such as how the nutrient actually works, what it actually affects or the absorption but rather just hits the high points of each nutrient as it would apply in a clinical situation. So once again, I would suggest this website to my colleagues as more of a quick reference type of resource, not a comprehensive guide that will walk you through all aspects of the nutrient. In analyzing a patient, if you might be wondering

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