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Poor Communication Systems in Expanding Company

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Essay title: Poor Communication Systems in Expanding Company


The purpose of this report is to give an overview of poor communication systems in expanding (…) Company and to present solutions to those issues. The investigation was undertaken at the request of Helen Marcy. Our group of communication consultants from “Rush, Reed and Associates” conducted interviews with number of Branch Managers of respective divisions as well as their staff, and made a research based on our own observation.

1.0 Methodology

The report was compiled using data derived from information provided by number of branch managers of respective divisions along with present and former company staff.

Primary data was collected using procedures that involved focus groups, In-depth interviews and observations.

1.1 Interviews

All the department directors, including two former CEO’s and one acting CEO have been interviewed along with the number of the employees.

International managers have also been assessed on their team performance.

1.2 Investigation

The submitted records by acting CEO, including company weekly reports, business plan and documentations relating to future expansion plans have been put under the investigation.

2.0 Findings

The interview and investigation results are as follows.

2.1 Communication skills of staff

The results show a lack of communication skills along the staff. There is no record of communication training for any of the employees, which can be found as factor of failed cooperation between different branches. This has also put the question mark above the sufficiency of work of the management team.

2.2 Organizational Culture

Distortion in the structure of the organization leads to communication problems.

Organizational culture defines all aspects of the company; it determines the personality of the organization. It is based on assumptions, values, norms and artefacts of organization employees and their behaviours. The culture concept is particularly important when attempting to manage organization expansion. Management in (…) is not aware of the fact that despite the best business plan, organizational change must include not only changing structures and processes, but also changing the corporate culture as well. Not complying with adapting culture process leads to feeling undervalued and de-motivated, which then leads to high staff turnover.

2.3 Communication system

The company has already expanded to all capital cities of EU members before 2004 and has not yet set up an appropriate communication system, e.g. intranet. This would allow communicating better between the international offices, but instead it leaves a big gap in communication process and even increases misunderstandings.

2.4 Meetings

The interviews have shown that, due to misleading or insufficient information regarding meeting schedules, many of team members were unable to join them or were not properly prepared. These and other communicates have been poorly passed on to the rest of the staff resulting in incorrect reports

3.0 Conclusion

At this stage of company expansion there are no serious threats for the company future. On the other hand due to communication failures within (…) Ltd. the company expansion as well as the status quo can be exposed to risk of loosing many benefits. Improvements in the communications skills of all staff along with training, education and new communication systems need to be provided. It is required that these actions are carefully

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