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Privatization a Money Saving Myth

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Essay title: Privatization a Money Saving Myth

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Privatization a money saving myth

With less and less funding from the government for public education, many school district around the country facing higher energy cost and rising fuel prices to operate buses, find themselves looking for ways to reduce budget spending. One of the ways school districts are trying to deal with this problem is to privatize services, such as cafeteria worker, cleaning services, and contracting of transportation services. Many people claim that privatization of these services are good for districts, and allows for them to use the extra money that they claim they can save, in the classroom. Privatization appears to have many benefits for districts, such as retirement cost, unemployment benefits ,and medical benefits, which is an attractive solution in today’s financial environment. Companies the provide these services are for profit companies, claim that by turning the services over to them, it would save the district a substancial amount of money, and free districts up from dealing with non educational issues such as having to deal with employee related issues of those who provide those services.

As a public school employee for close to twenty five years, this issue is very compelling to me. When the issue of privatization rears it’s ugly head, it threatens the security of protecting the wages that I have worked so hard to achieve over the years, it also is very stressful on myself as well as my family, private companies are here for the sole purpose of making money, A feat that is done by offering low wages and no benefits to their employees. If my job is privatized, I will be forced to work for a lower wage, or seek employment elsewhere, with the job market in such bad shape, and limited educational background, and my family dependent on my half of the income of the family budget, privatization would change life as I have become accustomed to. If my job is privatized, I would feel like I have been betrayed, after the display of loyalty

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