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Problem Solution: Usa World Bank

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Essay title: Problem Solution: Usa World Bank


Problem Solution: USA World Bank

University of Phoenix

MBA 510 – Managerial Decision Making

Problem Solution: USA World Bank

For USA World Bank, a major player in the banking industry, future profitability hinges on fulfilling the needs of an industry, which for years has struggled to survive because of the increase competition. In an effort to revitalize the company, USA World Bank’s Board of Directors decided the company needed new products to offer their customers.

USA World Bank aspires to achieve industry leader statue though the launching of their new small business credit card. But many people within the organization, including the newly attained Bea Hansen, believe the small business strategy might not be the right solution, and that they should stick with their bread and butter, the consumer market.

In order to see their end-state vision become reality, the best practices USA World Bank must implement are the creation of the small business credit card where customers can earn rewards and small business consultations in order to help small business customers during hard times. By carefully planning the implementation process USA World Bank can manage risks and develop a plan that will ensure targets and deadlines are met.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

USA World Bank is facing a daunting task. There are many issues raised when evaluating its current status; the upswing is the opportunities identified below will allow USA World Bank to meet it goals. The top 3 issues and corresponding opportunities are as follows.

USA World Bank needs to develop profitable new products that will continue to grow business and expand market share not only in a domestic presence but an international presence as well. USA World Bank has an opportunity to research (benchmark) different product ideas and decide on the idea that they believe will help them expand market share and become a leader in the banking industry.

USA World Bank conducted a descriptive study to determine what kind of products consumers and customers want to see introduced. By using a descriptive study, USA World Bank has an opportunity give customers exactly what they want; therefore expanding their market share and increasing revenue.

In order to get a better representation of what consumers want, USA World Bank conducted random focus groups in various regions. By conducting random focus group throughout various regions, USA World Bank has an opportunity to get a better feeling of what consumers are looking for.

Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas

The stakeholder groups for this scenario are as follows: Employees, Board of Directors, Shareholders/Investors, Customers, Potential Customers, and Competitors.

Employees are the backbone of the organization. They have a right to know what goes on with their salary, jobs and overall quality of life. They are interested in helping the organization grow financially in an ethical manner, which in return benefits them. Employee values include honesty, diversity, feedback, stability, friendliness, communication, involvement and ethical behavior.

The Board of Directors are interested in the conduct and management of USA World Bank’s affairs. Because the Board of Directors exercise control and management over the company, they have the right to do whatever benefits the company and most importantly the shareholders. Their values include productivity, creativeness (thinking outside the box), involvement, ethical behavior, professionalism and partnerships.

Shareholders/Investors have the right to know what goes on within the organization that they are investing into. They have the right to expect a profitable return on their investment and they are interested in a making a profitable return in an ethical manner. Shareholder values include leadership, positive work environment, ethical behavior, and innovation.

Customers are interested in the services that USA World Bank offers. The have a right to choose a company who gives them best service for the best price. Customer values include knowledge, customer service, involvement, communication, excellence, and ethical behavior

Potential Customers are interested in finding an organization that fits their needs. They have a right to ask questions and get answers about the organization. Potential customer

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