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Process Technology

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Essay title: Process Technology

Oil, gas& Chemical services

industry is a broad field. A field that stars with the thermal break down of the products that are in crude oil. Crude oil produces about 70% of the products that we use everyday. The petroleum field enrolles handling of crude oil and products produced from crude oil. Handling of crude oil and other products requires training in various fields such as safety, quality and quantity control, ethics and many other fields. Crude & Products are usually bought and sold. Companies have been formed to insure and protect the interests of the customer and the client.

S.G.S is one of such companies that provide such services. The core services offered by S.G.S. are divided into three catagorize. Inspection services consist of verifying quantity, weight and quality of traded goods. Inspections usually takes place at the manufacturer’s or supplier’s premises or at the time of loading or at the destination during discharging or offloading. Testing services consist of testing the quality of the product and the performance against various health, safety and other standards. Laboratories where the tests are performed are usually on or close to the customers premises. Certification is the third category and it certifies the systems or services performed meet the requirements of standards set by governments or by the customers

S.G.S was the fist company to be formed for inspection services in this field. Originally founded in 1878 in Rouen as a French grain shipment inspection house. This company was registered in Geneva as Society Generale de Surveillance in 1919 which is a prefix the companies name. There are over 1,000 offices and laboratories around the world.

Whenever products are traded or distributed S.G.S provides measurement and inspection techniques that are designed to reduced losses and avoid contamination. Distribution usually requires a vassal for transportation and that the inspection company insures, that the product loaded or the product to be discharged by measuring how much product is onboard. Inspector then compares the final quantities to the paperwork that was submitted by the inspection company that loaded the product at the previous port.

When loading a product into an empty vassal inspections usually consist of a visual inspection so as to make sure all tanks on board are empty. When a vassal was carrying a dirty cargo such as crude oils and other fuel oils a manual gauge is taken to get an accurate gauge of any residuals lying at the bottoms of the tanks.

When the on board quantity is then finally calculated the inspector will go to the shore

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