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Progression of America

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Essay title: Progression of America

Progress is a steady improvement, on advancement toward a better stage, America has made an enormous progression because of the charter issued by King James I of England; John Smith; and even though it was a small contribution, the Tobacco industry which was established by John Rolfe. May 24th was the first day for many settlers and they had no idea as to that day being the first day of the rest of their lives. A couple years passed and a charter came along from the king of England.

On May 24th, 1606, about 100 settlers set foot on “American” soil. They had founded Jamestown. This just didn’t come out of anywhere, King James I had proposed a charter for them to do so. The charter allowed the joint-stock company of England or also known as the Virginia Company to colonize (1.)

Later after about two years a guy named Captain John Smith emerged as basically the savior of the colonists. He set the colonists straight. HE did this by forceful leadership. He knew that if they didn’t learn to survive, they would die. It was up to him as the leader to persuade them to do so. The colonists, before John Smith came along, died of malnutrition, disease, and attacks from Native Americans. Although John Smith did not reign for a long period of time, he accomplished a lot (2.).

The tobacco industry, even though it was a small

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