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Psych Critical Thinking

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Essay title: Psych Critical Thinking

When I took the quiz over module 1, I made a 100. Which surprised me greatly. I did not expect to make a good grade, because I know I didn’t read as well as I should have. I knew most of the first questions, but had to make an educated guess on the last few.

When I read the chapter, I didn’t take good notes or pay close attention like I should have. I get distracted very easily, so paying attention to the reading was difficult. The notes I took in class were good though, and that helped with the quiz where my skimming of the chapter did not.

I realize that if I plan to stay on top with my grades, I will have to discipline myself to read assigned chapters when they are assigned.

Some changes that I see that need to be made would be reading, as I’ve already mentioned. But, not just reading. I need to learn how to read on a deeper level, to get the full understanding of the chapter. My AP English class I took in high school helped me with reading for a meaning, I’ll just have to dig up all that I’ve learned to use it again. I think I haven’t really got back into the swing of things with just starting school back.

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