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Essay title: Psychology

Everyone's identity as an adult is not determined by his or her very early childhood. Ones ability to trust, make decisions and level of social ability does not depend on how responsive the parents were to one as an infant. Our parent's behavior from the time of birth might not influence our success, happiness and prosperity in adulthood and there are many reasons behind it. Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory and his eight stages of life can attribute to these adult behaviors. He believed that at each of these eight stages, we must confront specific conflicts, and how we do this is determined by our personality development.

Many well-behaved children, who were considered very obedient, and never caused trouble for teachers, parents and classmate, to everyone's surprise, get caught up in the drug scene. How could this happen? Well there is nowhere the line was drawn to teach this child to stop obeying everyone and become his own person. Parents and teachers will never teach the child to disobey them, because they are looking out for the child’s best interest. Usually, every one will be taught the dangers of drugs, and the consequences.

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