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Racial Profiling

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Essay title: Racial Profiling


Racial Profiling.

As Americans, we understand the basics of “racial profiling”. The American Civil Liberties Union, ALCU, classifies “racial profiling” as “the practice of using race, ethnicity, national origin, or religion as the primary factor in deciding who to subject to law enforcement investigations.” This unofficial and quite frequent procedure stereotyping African American, Latino, Asian, Native American or Arab people and other minority groups continues in a great deal in today’s society.

What is typically known or displayed from law authorities is when their trained eyes suspect an individual or set of circumstances leading to a familiar perspective, and they react on that impulse. What is ascertained from their perspectives are classifying and attaching assumed behaviors based on their ethnic backgrounds. This perception is illegal and “more often than not,” inaccurate. There is open controversy stating from police experience or “protocol” versus police prejudice. What is being implemented are new “legislation initiatives” as reported by ACLU. “This would make it illegal and require data collection on all law enforcement encounters. It would also provide individuals harmed by racial profiling with the power to stop law enforcement agencies from continuing to profile based of race, religion, or national origin.”

There are some important efforts are being suggested to Members of Congress on racial profiling. “Racial profiling is widespread.” There have been many cases reported and documented in the media on unwarranted vehicle and pedestrian stops from police. It is reported from the Department of Justice that black and other minority motorists were, and are, being stopped far more percentage wide, out of proportion, than that of the overall population on highways and byways. An example, my husband had pulled over in a rural area near our duplex to talk on his cell phone. Not wanting to become a hazard to his driving, he opted to pull over, and continue his phone conversation. No sooner than one police squad car passed him, they immediately turned around, crept up behind his car, turned on there lights, and approach him as if he was armed and dangerous. After explaining his regard not to talk and drive on the cell phone, they still showed signs of not satisfying their profiling him. All was in order, license, insurance, registration, seatbelt, and even demeanor. However, because he is an African American driving a nice car led me, and him, they were racially profiling him on their stop. “Some states and

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