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Essay title: Racism

Response Paper

Racist can be the worst word to describe a person. I believe that everyone has their own

point of view in life and should not be compare with any other. All of us are unique in our own

ways, but sometimes it is hard to cope from discrimination. In my own experience, I have been

discriminated by many people when I first came here in the United States of America. I

sometimes feel the sadness of being different and having a different race.

As we have discussed discrimination in class, I understood its meaning more and that it is

not necessarily for races only. I would want to know if people from different races can get along

without referring to their ethnicity. Can a Caucasian girl talk to me without thinking that I am

Asian that does not have blue eyes and blonde hair? Though, many people say that they do not

care about someoneж s race, it is impossible for them to not compare themselves and think of

negative things about other races.

I have realized something after I have watch

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